Conference 2022

The Future of #FutureOfBritain

Ryan Wain
Executive Director,
Institute for Global Change

July 5, 2022
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Last week’s Future of Britain Conference, hosted by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change in partnership with The Britain Project and youth organisation My Life My Say, brought together experts and thought leaders – from frontline politicians and former government ministers to tech CEOs and climate activists – to share insights and put forward new ideas that can help reshape Britain and prepare the country for the decades ahead.

Watch the conference session videos below.

The conference fired the starting gun for progressives, but the road ahead is long. The Tony Blair Institute is committed to delivering this work and we will convene more thinkers, citizens and politicians – both current and potential – to provide analysis and share ideas.


Our policy teams will deliver solutions across six pillars – Prosperity, Transformative Technology, Net Zero, Community, Public Services and Britain in the World – which together will form a new policy agenda to propel Britain forward. Each pillar will have its own series of events and engagement opportunities.


The Future of Britain Conference opened a new space for progressives – let’s fill it with new ideas and ultimately, a radical, credible and much-needed plan for Britain.


You can watch each session from the Future of Britain Conference here:

Welcome by Tony Blair
The Future of Britain – with Jason Arthur, Clover Hogan and Ruby Osman
A Plan for Britain – with Monica Harding
The Opportunity for a New Politics – with Monica Harding, Mete Coban and Rory Stewart
The Cost-of-Living Crisis – Martin Lewis in conversation with Emily Maitlis
From Big State to Strategic State – with Paul Johnson
The Global Economy – Larry Summers in conversation with Jon Sopel
From Treatment to Prevention: Technology and Health Care – with Professor the Lord Darzi
Transforming Education for the Technological Era – with Peter Hyman
#Communicating in the Social-Media Era – Evan Spiegel in conversation with Joanna Coles
Harnessing the Forces of Technological Change – Matt Clifford, Dame Vivian Hunt and Herman Narula, chaired by Azeem Azhar
Understanding the Coming Revolution in Artificial Intelligence – with Kai-Fu Lee
The Climate Challenge – with Steve Howard
The Business of Climate Change – with Corinne Sawers and Eric Lonergan
Climate Crisis – What Do We Do? – with Corinne Sawers, Eric Lonergan and Steve Howard
A New Politics for a New Era – with Ruth Davidson, Polly Mackenzie and Peter Kyle
Britain in a Changing World – with Ryan Wain
Post-Brexit Britain and the World – with Tony Blair and Jon Sopel